We founded Birjand Moulding Industrial Group in 2001 with the aim of making the best models that we could. Over the years, we have attracted a core of highly skilled artisans. We use the latest techniques, such as pressing machines, transferring machines and injection machines (and the "printed" variants, CAD/CAM. We are able also to work from common 2D and 3D CAD formats, as well as sketches and hand drafted views. We also have in-house capabilities in thermo forming and casting. Customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing are The Birjand Moulding Industrial Group's top priorities and always have been. We work together with our customers throughout the manufacturing process and deliver quality production products manufactured at our plant in Pardis, Iran. We have an extensive range of almost 5,000 standard products, and are also able to offer custom molding of exclusive designs with a low cost of entry. The common materials which we use are Contact us today to find out how we can help you! Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding Among the many advantages of plastic injection molding are the following: • Bakelite, Glass Fiber Bakelite, Graphite Bakelite to choose from for any application • Most cost-effective way to make large volumes of parts fast • A single tool can last for up to millions of cycles • Excellent surface quality and dimensional characteristics can be achieved • Different plastics can be over molded for even more design options for predictable results The process is stable and reliable

Goals of the group

We are here to reach the following goals:

Producing high quality products to prove the Iranian products can be the best

Satisfying our customers

Participating in global competition related to design and manufacturing different parts of mold

Trying to support domestic production

Constant improving in processes and services

Finishing the projects on the agreed time

Maintaining the quality and applying global standards in design and production

Transferring knowledge and experience gained

Creating jobs

Training capable man powers

Creating a team spirit in the company

Emphasizing on creativity and innovation

Making efforts to reduce the price of products and services

In this group, we want to take a step though small in self-sufficiency