Using injection devices is one of the most common ways to form polymers. After the construction and development of plastics, the invention of injection molding machines led to the effort to make the equipment by which they could easily make plastic raw materials. Before the manufacture of modern injection devices, it was very difficult to form plastics. Firstly, molds were effortlessly prepared and placed in manual clips and a cylinder with a piston mounted on it and warmed around the cylinder with flames. After melting, the materials were injected with the pressure of the piston rod from the cylinder into the mold. After cooling the material inside the mold, the clips were opened and the pieces of the mold were separated and the product was removed from it. All these steps were done by hand as long as the injection machines were produced today. Today's injection devices consist of two units (injection & clips), and their categorization is based on the tonnage of 6 to 6000 tons, which is multiplied by about 2 to 8 tons per square inch. Today, all electronic machines using servo motors provide 80% energy saving and repeatability of around 100%, and the same issue over time will eliminate hydraulic devices. Birjand Moulding Industrial Group using modern technology with the quality and speed of the experienced and trained staff is ready to provide plastic injection services from 1 to 700 grams in the shortest time and the lowest price to you Dear customers. Birjand Moulding Industrial Group, with a vast environment, is ready also to produce and, if necessary, assembles and packaging to reduce your costs.