BirjandMoulding Industrial Group

BirjandMoulding Industry Group with more than 20 years of experts’ experiences started designing and manufacturing a variety of plastic, Bakelite, and die-cast molds. The production of high quality compounds has proven that Iranian goods could be the best. Birjand Moulding Industry Group based on international standards, which has been working to meet the needs of its customers. We are proud to be your servant in the field of designing and making Bakelite, plastic, die-cast and extrude molds.

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NoorKavir Gas Industry


NoorKavir Electric Compounds


Mahtak Sanitary Ware Products





BirjandMoulding Industry Group has started its activities in the field of designing and manufacturing various plastic, Bakelite, die-cast, and extrude molds mechanically, and now the molding section of this company is using the professional experts in all designing and modeling activities with the latest technologies of the world. The company builds its strategy on the basis of high quality, low build time and low cost, and ultimately using the products of this group enables the customers to have high-volume production with no loss.

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